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Deep Clean Hardwood Floors With Residential Cleaning Services Vancouver-

How to Deep Clean Hardwood Floors With Residential Cleaning Services Lower Mainland

Hardwood floors bring warm beauty to your home. The genuine wood flooring can be expensive. These types of floors can remain strong with proper care. Can shine residential cleaning servicesis the contractor for you. We are family owned and operated so you can never hire the fake dealers and only deal with professionals cleaning services. Due to its hardwood flooring being professionally cleaning services with less expensive option. We believe that your hardwood floors can always look new.
We use lightweight floor cleaning solutions specially made for hardwood floors. We excite the surface using a low-speed defense machine with a polishing pad to remove paint, dirt and scuff from the exterior. We end the procedure using cotton bonuses. This is a great way to maintain the floor glow. We recommend that this process is done on an annual basis.

Hardwood Floor Polish

Applying polish is a cheap way to bring back the original shade of your floor after cleaning. A very thin coat of polish is applied on the floor and dries in one hour. Carpet can be done after 24 hours. It is something that can be done annually. Keep in mind that this option is limited to floors whose polymer coating remains intact. If it is finished, then the polish will not be able to glow.

Top coating the hard flooring

One step by basic cleanliness is the top coating. With this process, we apply a layer of oil-based polymer on the floor, the same ends when your floor is establish. Polymer finish is extremely strong. As long as the floor is not misused, the Finishing of the floor will stay easily 15 years. This process is done to restore the structure of dull wood floors, which are scratched and dull. We prepare the floor completely by vacuuming and cleaning the floor to remove wreckage. Then we screen the floor to remove the top coat of the current finish, prepare it for the linkage of extra coat. Again, we clean and dry the floor. Then we apply the polymer finish. The finish we use makes less smoke, so you can stay at home that night. Customers can choose between three types of finishes: Semi-Glow, or Satin, Glow some prefer high brightness, while others prefer the tone-down look of satin. Semi-gloss, happy medium, is the most popular finish.


The Can shine cleaning services of residential are done with the regular customized to suit our client’s needs. Our professionals work with the latest technology, professional way and give the customers satisfaction. They provide the secure, reliable and experienced facilities to their clients with the affordable price.

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