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To easiest way to determine your homes, pre-listing is to have it perfectly clean. This is an economical way which enhances the value of the home in a short time. The impression the buyer gets first is very important. Real estate cleaning service providers come in handy when it comes moving through the sales process; due to the fact that sellers get short notices from potential buyers of the home the cleaning service providers maintain the cleanliness of the premises.

As landlords maintain the property in good condition for the tenants, this attracts better tenants and high rent payers. For landlords and property managers we offer a moving out cleaning package that leaves the house ready for viewing for potential tenants.
We understand the importance of vacate cleaning. We at Canshine Ltd have a detailed checklist making us the best the best moving out cleaning company.
Ways to attract clients as a real estate cleaning service provider

Look for Meetups organized by real estate agents in the area. Approach them and ask to make a presentation to their clients. Tell them about your services in detail the moving in packages, holiday packages and move out packages. You might not land on a deal then, but be sure that whenever they pack they will think of your cleaning services. Don’t forget to come with a clipboard and pass around for contact information from potential customers.

Make practical cleaning presentation on the types of cleaning that can be applied to different properties. Make sure to address the best cleaning practice, in the specific area at different times such as how to deal with mold problems during moist humid weather. Clients appreciate maintenance tips that will go a long way to help them have their homes running well in a long time. Such tips might include how to effectively clean a shower head.

Though it is required for real estate managers to give three recommendations for every service there are in a better position to recommend your cleaning business. They have connections with many other real estate agents and tenants also.

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