Nightclubs & Bars Cleaning Services Vancouver

Nightclub & Bar Cleaning Services Vancouver

There numerous night clubs and bars within one location, this means that competition in this business is high. There is no better way to attract new clients and retaining existing ones by making sure that the place is clean. Patrons appreciate a clean bar and they are allowed to think that the rest of the premises, including the bathrooms, kitchen and the rest are clean. The night club staff should concentrate on serving the clients and not cleaning while serving. Clients might not really notice how clean the premise is but bathroom cleanliness is one thing they appreciate and can make them come back again with their friends. Hiring of professionals who offer nightclub cleaning services vancouver is the right move because they are trained to achieve excellent cleaning results and as professionals you are sure that they have all the right equipment to pressure wash, sanitize and the technology to clean the furniture and windows.

How to come up with a nightclub cleaning services schedule

You need to come up with a cleaning schedule for your nightclub so that it is thoroughly cleaned all the time. The law requires such places be thoroughly clean to avoid public health breakouts due to the growth of harmful bacteria and pathogens.

You can have these duties performed on a daily basis

  • Mopping the kitchen floor.
  • Filter the fryer oil and clean the fryer.
  • Clean the dish area and walk in.
  • Bar mats should be run through the dish machine.
  • Clean surfaces.
  • Sanitize the common areas such as the prep tables, counters, coolers among others.
  • Mop the entire night club floors.
  • Clean public restrooms.

More deep cleaning jobs that can be done weekly such as

  • Thoroughly clean the coolers and sanitize them.
  • Thoroughly clean the walk-ins and reorganize them. Thoroughly sanitize the walk-ins.
  • Clean the nightclub walls and floor and move nay equipments away from the wall to clean thoroughly.

Bar deep cleaning checklist

  • Mop the floor moving all movable equipment and clean the keg cooler.
  • All shelves should be wiped and glass mats cleaned.v
  • Thoroughly clean draft beer lines
  • coolers should be wiped inside out.
  • The storage area should be deep cleaned including sanitizing the area to avoid spreading of contaminants across the products in the store.
  • Bar bottle displays should be wiped and kept sparkling all the time.
  • Replenish stock levels of the bar for the starting week.

You can reserve time consuming cleaning projects for monthly intervals. These projects involve

  • Cleaning of all pepper and salt shakers and allow them to dry overnight before refilling.
  • Empty all the shelves and clean them thoroughly before restocking.
  • Bring in exterminator to deal with all bugs and pests in the premises. This will keep your premises clean of any pests and bugs.

How much to charge to clean a bar

Most pubs are working towards outsourcing pub cleaning services vancouver to maintain the cleanliness set by the department rules. Even if the customers eave the place very dirty because they were a bit dirty they do not expect to find the mess when they come back. Cleaning supplies used are eco-friendly to avoid triggering patron’s allergic reaction during the cleaning process.

There are three types of bar cleaning charges vancouver you can use one according to the materials used for cleaning, tasks to be performed and per square foot. Two you can be charged by the hour or you can be charged at a flat rate. The tasks that need to be performed help you come up with the right pricing rate for your pub also determine whether you will provide the cleaning materials or the cleaning agency will provide their own.



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