Healthcare Facilities Cleaning Services Vancouver

Healthcare Facility Cleaning Services Vancouver

Did you know that some patients acquire new strains of infectious during their visit to healthcare facilities? It has been discovered that these infections cost more in health care funds while these infections could be avoided. Also, the most dangerous bacteria survive on inorganic areas such as the privacy curtains and bed rails among others. With this, hospitals are so keen to preventing hospital acquired infections by seeking Professional Medical Cleaning Services Vancouver which include disinfecting and sanitization services from professional janitors. This is why we at Canshine Ltd are here for you to provide the much needed hospital cleaning services to leave you with a clean and hygienic health facility.

Our staffs have been professionally trained with insights on cleaning procedures of health facilities. Our Healthcare Cleaning Services Vancouver include hospitals, medical office cleaning, dental office cleaning services, private medical practices, clinical cleaning services, reception areas and all medical equipment.

A thoroughly cleaned healthy workspace is important for the safety of patients and the staff. A clean health facility helps a patient feel comfortable and relax easily. Remember the word of mouth is an effective marketing tool.

To reduce the spread of infectious bacteria, it is vital to clean and disinfect the patient rooms. This is done by paying special attention on bed rails, remote controls and high-touch surfaces.

We are also prepared to deal with any infection outbreak within health facilities. The cleanliness of the health facility is a great influence to patients. We add a dimension of human relation to our cleaning staff as they interact with patients who need care. Our emphasis is on empathy as a trait among our staff to help them interact well with patients when they are around the hospital. This enhances the experience of patients, visitors and staff in the facility.

We stay up-to-date with standard cleaning supplies. Infectious bacteria grow resistant to some cleaning supplies and so we keep on finding new technologies to prevent the growth of infectious bacteria. We use hospital grade disinfectants which have been allowed for use in healthcare facility cleaning services.

We apply the recommended disinfection technology and continue working towards eliminating infectious bacteria in the facilities.

Benefits of hiring medical office cleaning companies

  • To maintain a healthy environment within the medical facility. Hospital cleaning contractors have been trained and understand the need of preventing cross contamination because they know the sensitive areas which they ought to disinfect and sanitize. We make it our duty to disinfect the maintain quality indoor air quality.
  • Healthcare cleaning is our real job and we do it with a lot of professionalism and a positive attitude. Finding an in-house cleaning personnel is good but can be risky. For example if you would ask the receptionist to clean the medical office they will do it in a hurry so that they can go back to their jobs. They might not thoroughly disinfect or sanitize the high risk office areas leading to cross contamination across the facility. We work extra hard to maintain our hard earned good reputation in hospital cleaning.
  • In the long term without noticing it outsourcing health cleaning services pays itself. A truly safe and hygienic place invites new patients and the old patients keep coming back if they don’t they make sure they tell a friend who will tell about the medical facility. Abseentism from employees due to health issues will be a thing of the past.

Medical office cleaning prices

Medical office cleaning services vancouver are specialized and it can be difficult offering an over the telephone quote. Different medical facilities require different medical cleaning because of the diverse services offered. One can be charged on an hourly basis or a square foot basis. Medical office cleaning is highly priced when compared to other commercial cleaning services.



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This is the first time I have used the service and was really happy with the results. Ihave some allergies so using a cleaning service was nightmare for me. I always afraid with the dust and bacteria. I didn’t have any idea how a cleaning service work. But when they come and start cleaning, my all worries gone in few minutes. I like the way they work. I’m really happy with the service they provide to me.


Excellent service! I must say I’m impress. I used them today to clean the apartment I am moving into. The team did a great job. After the cleaning, the team stayed and waited for me to review the work. They were friendly and patient to explain to me what they did and man they did really, really great job! I will definitely hire them again.


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