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HealthCare Industry Cleaning Services

We develop a tailored cleaning program for health care facilities to support ahygienic and cleaning needs to comply with the industry’s set regulations. Every healthcare facility needs to project the image of a quality health care facility at first sight. This spells out as good health and care expected from the facility to patients.

Health care industry can be dangerous for workers and other patients, if not properly cleaned. The risk of cross contamination of bacteria’s and the risk of bacterial resistance is increased. This is because there are different types of diseases present in one area, making them vulnerable to different contaminations.

Some of the healthcare institutions we take care of include hospitals and treatment centers, health clinics and senior living and long term care.

  • Hospital treatment centers need day by day sanitization to reduce the recurrence of bacterial infections and bacteria resistance.
  • Health clinics have very sensitive areas one needs to clean with caution such as the pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities, laboratory, dialysis centers, hospice centers, child development centers and medical facilities. These areas need more precise level of cleaning for infection control.
  • Senior long-term and care centers need to be spotlessly clean to give customer satisfaction on their stay in the facility.

How we ensure to maintain high level cleaning standards in the health care industry

First, due to the nature of intensive work needed, we offer intensive rigorous training and orientation to our cleaning staff. We offer English lessons to our staff and train them in the culture of the people they will interact with.

Second, we have come up with checklists made of standard operating procedures to validate that the cleaning work has been completed successfully and according to specifications.

Third, we give the right to contractors to supervise cleaning staff whenever they are in the facilities. We know that these environments don’t tolerate errors when it comes to ensuring clean and hygienic surfaces.

Fourth, our staff is trained to understand that patients are sick and sometimes uncomfortable in hospitals and they really need someone with an understanding mood. Putting a smile always and asking if they need help will make patientsfeel more relaxed.

Lastly, we consider risk and liability of our staff working within the facility. We have an insurance cover which covers cleaners from injuries such as fall injuries while on duty.

Health Care

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