Government Cleaning Services

Government buildings need sanitation, decontamination and restoration to be done with special skills. Some government buildings might need specialized cleaning from the fire damage, mold outbreak or water damage therefore needing remediation. Cleaning air ducts in government facilities goes a long way in improving the health of the employees and visiting guests. Some of the government facilities that need government cleaning services include libraries, courthouses, police stations, prisons, fire stations, jails, archives, offices among many others.

Duct cleaning

Duct cleaning in government offices improves the air in circulation, providing safe, clean air for everyone in the building. We have specially trained staff that use specialized equipments to clean the air ducts in a building.

Mold remediation

Mold growth is common in moistyet warm areas. Mold is present if there is a water leak in the building leading to the discoloration of the walls and roof tiles. It poses health risk to guests and employees and could lead to decreased productivity and increased absent days at work. We have the right equipment to remove mold from government buildings and our personnel will do this the right way.


We offer post storm, fire and water cleaning ofgovernment buildings. A comprehensive cleaning package is offered to restore the facilities back to their previous glory and ensure they are ready to be used.


We eliminate harmful chemicals, bacteria’s and viruses with the right skills and equipment. At the end of a successful decontamination exercise we leave a perfectly sanitized and clean facility to work in.

Asbestos removal

Most government buildings are old and asbestos pose a health risk. In compliance with the law, we offer asbestos removal from the facility. Asbestos is a carcinogen posing a significant health risk to employees and visitors alike.

Other main areas that we focus on government facilities include removing of cobwebs, dusting kickboards, windowsills and baseboards, wiping of appliances, cabinets and countertops and wiping and disinfecting high touch surfaces such as the light switches and door handles.

We offer general cleaning of the meeting rooms, offices, waiting areas, lobbies, break rooms and lavatory cleaning.


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