Financial Cleaning Services

Canshine Ltd provides financial institutions and banks, cleaning services to increase customer retention rate by making customers feel appreciated. We design a cleaning schedule that fits your work schedule to avoid disruption of services. We take into consideration the security concern and trustworthiness that needs to be maintained in these institutions. For security reasons we do a background check on the cleaning staff we hire and have them monitored as they perform their duties on the job.

The main areas we focus on during financial cleaning service provision include the interior which includes the

  • Entrance door glass
  • Teller areas including the writing counter tops
  • Waiting areas
  • Lobby
  • Reception area
  • Cleaning and maintaining hard surface floors
  • Cleaning the carpets using different techniques
  • Break rooms and equipments such as the coffee makers, microwaves and refrigerators.
  • Cleaning and disinfecting of the rest rooms.
  • Cubicle cleaning including disinfecting equipments such as the keyboards and phones which can harbor bacteria.
  • Interior window cleaning.
  • It is necessary to sanitize and disinfect common area furniture, equipment and which are used by the staff and the customers.

We also take care of the exterior, which includes the

  • Exterior window cleaning.
  • ATM lobby and machine cleaning.
  • Cleaning within 25 feet of the banks perimeter.
  • Parking lot and
  • Sidewalks

Financial institutions are very specific in maintaining brand recognition standards wherever their branches are. This ensures the acquisition of new customers and retaining old ones as well. Hiring a cleaning service provider who understands the need of retaining the brand requirements across the banking institutions is important. We are dedicated to that retaining the banks recognition, brand standards and offering the best of cleaning services across the branches.

Each and every financial institution wants to create the first impression for customers which means professional competence. Maintaining clean and hygienic financial institutions is not only a job, but it is our calling.

Financial institutions we offer our cleaning services to include credit unions, accountants, banks, insurance agencies, money marts, financial planners and mortgage brokerages.

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