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Cleaning Services Surrey

Canshine Cleaning service offer the best cleaning services in Surrey. We provide all kinds of cleaning service in Surrey. If you have a dirty store, at your home, the nasty bar counter, restaurant, healthcare facility, office or a salon we provide satisfactory cleaning experience. The few services are mentioned below in detail for you.

Daycare cleaning services

Here at Cashine Ltd we use hospital grade cleaning techniques and products to meet all requirements to maintain contamination free spaces for young children. Daycares can easily become breeding grounds for bacteria and germs. We offer most professional cleaning to avoid contaminations between the young ones and the working staff. Our cleaning techniques greatly reduce the contaminants in the daycare facility. We use eco-friendly cleaning agents for the safety of the occupants in the daycare. A daycare needs cleaning using soap and water to scrub, wash and rinse to remove dirt. Use a product that will kill almost all the germs in the daycare. Disinfect all surfaces to kill all the germs remaining on the surface tops. Daycares needstrict standards of cleanliness to be maintained.

Daily practices that can stop the spread of germs in daycares

  • Washing hands often is recommended. Some of the time one needs to clean their hands include before feeding the children after every diaper change, and when coming into contact with the baby.
  • Regularly clean, disinfect and sanitize the most common touch areas among the children.
  • Always choose the right products for hand washing, potty washing, cleaning, disinfecting and sanitizing.
  • Always use cleaning supplies, according to the instructions set by the manufacturer.
  • Never mix cleaning supplies with the notion that you will get better results. Only mix if the label of the product indicates that the product can be mixed with others.
  • All cleaning supplies should be stored away from the access of children if possible lock the supplies up.

Office cleaning services

We keep office environments clean and well maintained between from the floor to the ceilings. We like customizing our cleaning services according to customer needs to ensure that we do not interfere with the office hours to even the office open hours. We handle daily cleaning routines, weekly and even occasional deep cleaning.
Vacuuming, dusting, and trash disposal are some of the cleaning activities carried out daily while on a weekly basis, we deep clean the kitchen, restrooms and break rooms. Office desks can hold as many germs as the washrooms and can lead to employees taking sick days off.

Do not only picture us doing cleaning during office off hours in some busy offices there are vital daytime services needed and we are up to task. Daytime services include lobby maintenance, cafeteria cleaning and toiletry restocking. These services areperformedwith minimum interference in the office, but the keep the office environment professional.

Apart from the office furniture the floor is very important and how it is maintained speaks volumes about the professionalism of the office. We clean the upholstery and area rugs and clean each floor, according to its standard procedure keeping it shining and clutter free.

A clean office not only stands out as a brand, but shines of the pride and performance by the employees.

Why look for professional cleaning services?

Your employees will be more productive and focused because they will not deal with adusty dirty office space.
A clean environment looks inviting for clients and they respond positively.


As a restaurant owner I’m strict for the cleaning of the kitchen. I was moving around and found that my kitchen is not clean as it have to. I talked with my staff and we come to decision to use a cleaning service but making good choice is always difficult. I called Canshine Service they respond me professionally. They come to my restaurant, I had no idea how they will make the kitchen clean. Because when it’s about kitchen many things involve. But they do what they commit. They did an excellent job. I’m satisfied with the cleaning. Thank you.


I was unhappy with my office cleaners. I decided to hire cleaning service to make my office really clean. People told me some names I check some good and bad things about them, then I found this company. I hired them for my office. They did a detailed cleaning work, I can see the difference when they left the office after doing their job. I was really happy and will use their service again. Thank you so much, really nice work.


I had a really bad experience of cleaning service in past. I was looking for some good service provider then I found CanShine Cleaning. I have been very impressed with this company. They clean extremely well, and are always responsive and accommodating. Very happy with the service they have provided after several failures of cleaners in the past. I’m glad, I finally made the right choice. Thank you for a great job!


This is the first time I have used the service and was really happy with the results. Ihave some allergies so using a cleaning service was nightmare for me. I always afraid with the dust and bacteria. I didn’t have any idea how a cleaning service work. But when they come and start cleaning, my all worries gone in few minutes. I like the way they work. I’m really happy with the service they provide to me.


Excellent service! I must say I’m impress. I used them today to clean the apartment I am moving into. The team did a great job. After the cleaning, the team stayed and waited for me to review the work. They were friendly and patient to explain to me what they did and man they did really, really great job! I will definitely hire them again.


Call To Book Your CanShine Cleaning LTD Appointment:

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Call To Book Your CanShine Cleaning LTD Appointment:

+1 778-233-5453