Airports Cleaning Services

Airports are large facilities with the ability to hold thousands of travelers at any given time. There is a need to keep travelers comfortable and welcome as they come in and go out. The fact that airports are ever busy poses a challenge when it comes to cleaning. Sometimes cleaning staff are forced to work around large groups of people. Whether outsourcing cleaning services or using in-house cleaning staff, the airport has to be always sparkling clean. We clean the airport lounge, sterilize washrooms, feminine hygiene, terminal cleaning, internal cleaning, nappy disposal areas, external cleaning, food courts, hazard disposal, and forecourt cleaning.

Canshine is the best cleaning service provider when offering airport cleaning services. We ensure that we complete the job to the specifications given by the facility manager and regulations set by the government agencies.

The three steps we use at Canshine while cleaning airports

  • We have learnt all we need to, about airport cleaning requirements. We have experience in green cleaning and have all the necessary certifications needed, we have a rigorous hiring and training program for our cleaning staff, best practices in waste recycling and waste collection. Being in business for long and we have extensive experience in airport cleaning.
  • We then meet up with the facility manager to discuss their specific expectations of our services provision. Some of the clarifications we would like to get is since airports are in operation 24 hours do they prefer cleaners on the floor throughout the day or during specific times? How often do they like their restrooms checked on? If the floors are to be vacuumed and washed, how often should it be? These kind of questions gives us a chance to come up with a tailor made cleaning schedule. We are also aware as a government entity the airports are in to promote green cleaning to reduce toxic environmental impacts from harsh cleaning supplies.
  • The final step, we present our well able experienced cleaning staff. The ones who will be working in the airport facility and train them accordingly and brief them on the set standards and what is expected in the airport facility. We also provide staff who understand the English language and provide tailor made training materials for the airports. Our cleaning equipments make the cleaning efficient and effective.
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